We made it easy
to reducecarbon emissions

We don't have to give up interactive sites and webshops to reduce our carbon footprint. We just simplify it.

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On a side-mission to reduce carbon emission

We started as a private tooling to aid ourselves in providing merchants and agencies with audits of their sites and webshops. Obviously to speed them up. Although more difficult to put into numbers, this also means reduced carbon footprint.

Collecting as less data as possible

By using template-based tracking we only need to track one of each template, instead of all pages

Real user monitoring

By making use of real user monitoring, you are in control of the performance and carbon hygiene of your website

Let's do it together

Want to speed up your site, but next to that reduce your carbon emissions? Join us on a mission!

  • Easy to use

    Insights in a few bytes

    Our snippet is very tiny, which means just a few bytes to download or execute

    • Less kilobytes means less traffic
    • But also less main thread work
    • Which improves battery duration
    • Saving data and electricity

  • A win for everyone

    Faster web means less traffic and work

    Once you start optimizing, you'll be doing what we're doing!

    • Faster and optimized pages
    • Means less traffic
    • But also less CPU
    • Reducing your carbon footprint

  • Together

    Only track what's valuable

    No need to track all pages and clog the web. We're already beating aviation industry when it comes to carbon emissions.

    • Pick your most important pages
    • For example from campaign or ads
    • Already giving you a good idea
    • Of your visitors' UX

    Read our how to monitor