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Our plans

Our plans are per domain. Are you a multi-CMS user or agency? Custom options are available. Reach out to sales!

Monthly planinfo
  • Lite

    Instant Core Web Vitals of real users

    € 29.70/mo
    € 27/mo

    • 25k RUM sessions p/m, up to 10 templates/ urls*
    • 13 months data retention to compare your data
    • No 28-day delay, and real user data within minutes
    • Extensive CWV insights, including the new INP
    • Tracks Google Chrome (just like CrUX)
    • Apply a sampling rate to your URLs
    • Deployment tracking + alerts
    • Track up to 5 competitors
    • Free onboarding
    • Unlimited users

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  • Pro

    Deep dive beyond Core Web Vitals

    € 95/mo
    € 85.5/mo

    • All lite features included
    • Starting from 300k RUM sessions p/m
    • Gamification: achieve our goals or set your own
    • Track 35+ dimension & 25+ site speed metrics
    • Quick wins and recommendations included
    • Track Element-, Server- & UserTiming
    • Track all browsers, not just Chrome
    • Easy or Advanced mode available
    • Track up to 10 competitors
    • Geography tracking

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  • Enterprise

    High end monitoring solution

    reach out

    • All pro features included
    • 5+ million sessions per month
    • Time on page, bounce, and conversion rate
    • Personal pagespeed consultant
    • On-premise installation/domain
    • or your own dedicated server
    • Custom snippet
    • Track up to 15 competitors
    • High priority support
    • Unlimited URL's
    • API & SSO

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Monitoring Add-ons

Every webshop has different needs. Which is why all of our packages are flexible to accommodate your requirements.

  • Extra sessions

    • Wish to track more than 300k monthly sessions? This add-on is for you!
    • Top up your monitoring with 300k additional sessions with add-ons
    • To multiply by your webshop's needs

    This service is an additional offering for our pro and enterprise plans, priced at €45/mo. For lite, check FAQ.

  • Unlimited URLs

    • Webshop with short-availability or just many products?
    • Use regular expressions (RegEx) and query selectors
    • Automatically label and sample a group of pages

    The cost of the service will be calculated as half of your monthly plan and will include an additional 50% of sessions.

  • Monthly consultancy

    • Monthly meetings with your own dedicated expert on site speed
    • Get their take on last month's data changes and where to improve
    • Personalized guidance and ask any question

    Consultancy services are offered for all plans, beginning at a rate of €300/mo.

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  • Get started in minutes, no credit card required
  • Track your whole webshop up to 2500 sessions, with sampling or RegEx
  • Get familiar with our entire tooling,pro-features included

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Our monitoring isn't about

  • Stressing on perfect Lighthouse score
  • Unreliable lab data outcomes
  • Delayed Core Web Vitals data
  • Limited features and accounts

Our monitoring is about

  • Real UX, real time and historic
  • Direct insights alongside deploys
  • Multiple filters and dimensions
  • Per metric drilldown

Frequently asked pricing questions

Looking for other questions about or solution, tracking, dashboarding or account and users? See our general FAQ instead.


  • If you want to track more than 25k sessions per month with the Lite plan, you can do one of the following:

    • 50k sessions for €49,-
    • 100k sessions for €69,-

    The price is per month, and you can save 10% if you pay for a year at once.

    If you want more sessions, we recommend the Pro plan, which gives you 300k sessions.

  • VAT is not included in the prices. This means that for Dutch companies, the 21% VAT will be added to the total amount of the subscription.

    We need your VAT/EIN number (or the company's equivalent) for companies that aren't from the Netherlands, so that we can set your VAT to zero with VAT reverse-charged to your country.

  • For monthly users we use direct debit. We accept to following payment options:

    • SEPA Direct Banking
    • Creditcard (VISA, Mastercard, American Express)
    • IDEAL (as well as numerous European equivalents, reach out to support if you're bank is not included)
    • We use Mollie as our payment provider, all options listed through their site are supported
    • Prefer PayPal? Reach out to support, as additional payment fees will apply.

    For yearly subscriptions it's also possible to pay through wire transfer

  • No, all payments fees are included.

    Except if you prefer PayPal to all other free payment methods. Then there is an additional fee (3.4%).

Discounts & bundles

  • There are, indeed!

    We create a distinction between domains built on the same code but with different extensions. For example, and They can take advantage of our multilingual discount (see item below).

    For completely different domains, we give a discount if you track over five of them. Contact sales to discuss the possibilities.

  • Yes! As a freelance product owner, marketer, SEO specialist,development agency or site speed experts you might be responsible for UX, SEO, or business outcomes of multiple domains that aren't necessarily your own.

    We have an exclusive partner program, reach out for more information.

Domains and plans

  • We look at domains the same way as Google does. For example:

    •, and all are a domain. This means this would result in 3 domains;
    • However, is just a path on a domain. So, the domain is the same as

    In addition, if your checkout or subscription forms are hosted on subdomains or other (pagebuilder) domains, these are also considered to be separate domains.

    A staging-domain will also be considered its own domain, requiring a separate subscription.

  • We consider a domain to be multilingual if it is built with the same code/templates (=stack) but different language-extensions. It could also be a domain tailored to a specific audience, but built on the same "stack."

    Using as an example, if we launched,, and, these domains would be able to use our multilingual plan.

  • Is a single domain with multiple audiences and languages fundamentally different from one domain per audience/language? Yes, when it comes to SEO in general, as well as Core Web Vitals. Core Web Vitals will assign a score to each domain.

    Even if you're running many domains, you might be curious about the changes in user experience (trust us when saying it will result in a different UX, despite the same stack as UX is about the audience first).

    We offer multiple options on this:

    1. You can combine our Lite Plan and Pro plan. For instance, track all your language extensions in the Lite-plan. But add one or two in the Pro plan. You can then track those in extensive detail. The insights and wins spotted there, can be added on the code of the other domains as well, and you can keep monitoring the Core Web Vitals difference.
    2. Go Pro with multiple domains, and use our discount options.
      1. Two domains = €175,- p/m
      2. Three domains= €225,- p/m
      3. Three-infinity = €45,- extra p/m per domain

    We are pleased to assist you in determining which plan is ideal for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us!

  • By examining the hreflang attributes, we can determine the relationship between websites.

    We also manually verify it, as this method is not foolproof. Therefore, the multilingual discount will not be applied to your invoice until one of our employees verifies it. Typically, when assisting with your onboarding, we can easily determine this.

    That way, you'll know exactly how much RUMvision is going to cost you before you start using it.


  • A session is a collection of user interactions with your website that happen over the course of a specific period of time. For instance, multiple page views, events, social interactions, and e-commerce transactions may occur during a single session.

  • We believe so. And both you and the environment benefit.

    We recommend selecting only 10 URLs, namely your most important templates, as opposed to your entire website. By collecting these pageviews, we obtain a sufficient number of data points to provide you with data that is representative of the whole.

    After you reach the maximum sessions we will start with sampling. So you always have representive data, but without additional cost to you and the environment. Prefer extra sessions? No problem, you can add them by the 300k through our add-on options.

  • Yes! For this we have introduced an add-on. With this add-on you can get 300k extra sessions + 10 extra urls within your chosen domain. Cost are 45 euro extra per month.

  • Monitoring stops when the monthly maximum is reached. This means your monitoring might not show data at the end of the month, when the maximum was reached already.

    If you don't want to end up reaching the maximum amount of sessions, you could do one or a combination of the following:

    • Lower the sampling percentage in your domain settings. The default is 100%, but could be changed to collect less data, but at least have continuous data;
    • Only track specific devices, such as mobile. This could be configured in our monitoring, or you could do this in your (Google or Adobe) Tag Manager;
    • By managing your URL's in our tooling, temporarily inactivate high-traffic pages;
  • As our monitoring knows when the maximum is reached, you will just get an alert in the console of your website, in your monitoring and by mail.

    In other words, you won't receive additional billing.


  • Fortunately, you don't. Optimizing Core Web Vitals is mainly about optimizing your templates. Therefore you must add differtent templates such as the template of a PLP and PDP. We advice to choose the url with the most mobile traffic for each template, your homepage to begin with.

    Obviously, even equal templates or page types with the same technique could lead to different data due to a different set of users. For example a listing or product page with cheap products, and maybe expensive products. Always add a few URL's per template type.

    Hesitating about your setup? Don't mind reaching out, as we are happy to think along.

Increasing revenue

by allowing your audience to convert better.

For whom

Product owner, devs or CEO's of merchant or agencies wanting to have a full understanding of competition, history and current bottlenecks.


In-depth recommendations from developer to (your) developers. Get right to the core of your bottlenecks and opportunities.

About the costs

Tens of thousands of Euros.. if you choose to not address site speed and UX issues.