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Return on investment checker

Wondering what improving your websites speed can bring you based on ROI data from other shops?

  • Because they convert

    Monitor the experience of your real users

    Find out how your own visitors perceive the speed of your website. Focus on the right data for optimizations.

    • Everything you want to know on one dashboard
    • Data that everyone understands

  • First time visitors become loyal visitors

    See how first time visitors experience your website

    Make sure your marketing efforts deliver the fastest possible experience for new and orienting visitors.

    • The only tool with a first user experience score
    • Visitors with a good experience are more likely to return

  • So you stay up to speed

    Keep an eye on whether your Core Web Vitals remain stable, improve or deteriorate. See what and why something is deteriorating and on what template.

    • Use different dashboards to monitor trends
    • Compare before and after a deploy or based on a date range

  • 1 %More sales by making our LCP 31% faster

  • 0 %Mobile revenue boost by improving CWV

  • 24 %Visitors will not return after bad mobile experience

  • -1.0 %Less bounce after focusing on optimization

  • Be informed faster

    Compare before and after performance data

    Has your team launched a new campaign or did development make an adjustment? Keep track of how this impacts Core Web Vitals.

    • Keep track of your work through annotations
    • Easy comparisons before and after a certain period

  • Make paid traffic convert even more

    Monitor the experience of campaign visitors

    Visitors coming in through a marketing channel often have a worse experience, make sure this is not the case on your website with the right insights.

    • Track visitors' experience via a given query string
    • In 50% of eCommerce, we spot a quick win within the hour

Features that will give you real-time insights

Our dashboards provide real-time insights into site speed, core web vitals, and user experience, streamlining your decision-making and making it easy to keep track of what's happening on your eCommerce site.  

All our real-time site speed monitoring features


Tips, tricks and advice on Core Web Vitals for Product Owners

  • The impact of ads and ad blockers on INP

    Ads is a growing market and are to be seen on many sites. And by now, many business would dissappear when everyone would start using ad blockers. But the direct revenue of your site might in fact improve. Let's dive in some data.

    • Published
    • Reading time ± 4 minutes
  • Using your RUM LoAF data for INP debugging purposes

    When debugging INP, it might be tempting to first look at elements that visitors interacted with. However, looking at this alone might be misleading and time-consuming.

    • Published
    • Reading time ± 7 minutes
  • Double score! RUMvision got featured twice on Google IO 2024!

    We're still buzzing after yesterday's incredible events at Google I/O! It was a double Dutch delight for RUMvision, as both our upcoming integration with Google Baseline and our work on INP measurement were featured at Google's biggest event of the year.

    • Published
    • Reading time ± 1 minute

3 Reasons why you need real user monitoring

The big downside of CWV? While based on your real users, it's limited in its usefulness. Labdata is even worse. Let us guide you: 

  • 1. Knowledge is power

    You fly blind without data.

    • Get real time insights, and from all devices, over 13 months

    • Go beyond logged-in chrome users, all browsers are measurable and filterable

    • Insights over all page-types, like: home, listing, even check-out.

    • Your audience's conditions greatly impact CWV, make sure you see what they are.

  • 2. Optimization

    Opportunities are so easily spotted with the right data

    • Quickwins & bottlenecks visualized in 1 day
    • Deepdive and crossfilter with 25+ dimensions
    • Spot which third-parties you should reduce, or which layout shift is causing issues.
    • You choose what you want to track and focus on, with 15+ options to switch on/off
  • 3. Accountability

    You stay in control when changes occur

    • Get informed over changes in trends, positive or negative
    • Make sure that new releases or 3rd-party's are immediatly compared
    • Easily used by everyone on your team: SEO, Product owner and dev
    • Insures that performance can be turned into a process.
    • Do not get surprised by a worsening of your performance, and the effects on your bottom line.