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Welcoming the Interaction to Next Paint

On the 12th of March, Interaction to Next Paint (INP) will become a definitive Core Web Vital metric. How will you deal with this so that you continue to succeed for the Core Web Vitals?

  • What is the INP and why does it replace the First Input Delay as a Core Web Vital?
  • How to measure the INP in the lab and in the field
  • How first and third parties play a role
  • Quick wins and things to avoid while coding
  • Debugging INP in your console (with demo)
  • We won't review projects during this webinar.

The webinar is around 45 minutes

Erwin Hofman

CTO and page speed expert

It felt like cheating on his own agency which he founded in 2001. But at the end of the last decade, Erwin started sharing his performance knowledge and best practices with merchants and development + SEO agencies. Via audits & training sessions, saving them trial & error hours and allowing them to improve decision making with performance in mind.

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