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Real-time UX data of your own visitors. Use our monitoring to improve your website or shops SEO, bounce and revenue.

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Get to know your audience

Find out how your target audience perceives your website in terms of Core Web Vitals and pagespeed.

  • User Experience Score

    Get a single number that represents how your user is experiencing your website or a certain metric.

  • First User Experience

    Core Web Vitals and other metrics based on unique pageviews only, this score indicates what the first unique visitor experiences.

  • Visitor Footprint

    How fast is your user's mobile, internet speed, pageview type, and how many visitors come in through an ad?

Real-time Core Web Vitals

Stay on top of how you score on the Core Web Vitals and continue to continually optimize for your real users.

  • Core Web Vitals

    See how all your pages score on the Core Web Vitals for different users.

  • Metrics timeline

    Something adjusted in your code? See immediately if there are any improvements on your Core Web Vitals.

  • Metrics table

    Easy and quick insights into pagespeed trends on your website.

Technical Analyzing

Save your developer time through technical insights you can only get with RUMvision.

  • Metrics and dimensions

    Use custom metrics and dimensions to find pagespeed optimizations.

  • Cross-filtering

    Suddenly bad Core Web Vitals? Find out if it's because of someone's Internet speed or even a particular browser.

  • Annotations

    Adjustment made? Add an annotation and trace the improvements to this moment.

  • Technical dashboarding

    Developers can find out where pagespeed optimizations lie without having to look into their own code.

  • Custom buckets and percentiles

    What percentage of your visitors have a good or bad experience?

Competitor tracking

Keep an eye on whether your competitors are making improvements on pagespeed and UX. Compare your own speed with that of your competitor.

  • Competitor summary

    What is your competitor's UX score and are you the fastest in your segment?

  • Competitor compare

    Compare 6 different metrics with those of your competitors. Arranged in a timeline.

Endless features

Become a page speed Sherlock with advanced mode

Enable advanced mode to use all filters for every metric and dimension to cross-filter

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