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  • 1. What to do before you get started?

    Before you get started with tracking the performance data of your own website there are a few things to keep in mind

    • You'll need access to the websites code or tag manager
    • After installing the snippet you can add multiple URLs
    • Check if your Content Security Policy (CSP) allows our script
    • When traffic has been on your site you will quickly see data
    • The 14 days will start after receiving your first data
  • 2. Start your free trial

    After making sure you've followed these steps, you're all ready and set to start collecting data

    • Start tracking your main templates to get a grip on performance
    • Track up to 2500 sessions with sampling or RegEx
    • All features included

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    Easy setup, no creditcard required

Schedule a free RUMvision demo

Let's talk about your goals, ambitions and the value of site speed! In this 30 minute session one of our site speed experts will give you a personal tour of what insights RUMvision will provide you with.

You will learn about:

  • What insights and metrics you can gather by using RUMvision
  • How to translate these into KPI's and increase revenue by knowing where to optimize
  • How we have simplified understanding data
  • How you can easily identify performance issues on your site

I don't want to have a demo, I want to get started myself! 🤓

We generally respond within 8 to 16 office hours. You'll be sent a copy of the e-mail as well.